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I Am Going To Show You

How To Start A 6 Figure Decorative Painting Business in 3 Days... Guaranteed

Even If You Have No Experience, Very Little Startup Money, or No Client List

In  Atl, Ga

  In Atlanta, Georgia 


After Day 3, You Will Have Everything You Need To Start Your 6 Figure Decorative Painting Business


I Am Going To Show You How To Do My Top 10 Requested Techniques That I Have Personally Used To Make Hundred's Of Thousands Of Dollars


Limited Seats Available


With The Housing Market At An All Time High, And The Housing Supply At An All Time Low, Most People Are Opting To Make The Most Of Their Existing Spaces So There Is Crazy Demand For Good 
Decorative Painters. This Is Why I Created The Paint & Brush Bootcamp.
(presented by the: The Decorative Painting Academy)


For The First Time Ever, In Just 3 Days, I Am Going To Show You Everything You Need To Know To Start & Grow Your Decorative Painting Business. 
What Took Me Over 20+ Years, And 10's if Not 100's Of Thousands Of Dollars To Learn, I'm Going To Show You In Just 3 Days. 

You Will Not Only Learn All Of My Most Popular Techniques That Have Been Used In All Of My Celebrity Clients Homes, I Am Going To Show You Everything You Need To Do To Make Sure Your New Business Is Thriving From Day 1. 


If You Want To Become The Best, You Need To Train With The Best

This Is Your Opportunity To Learn Directly From The #1 Celebrity Decorative Painter

Here's Why You Should Learn From Me


Meet TobeyRenee
Tobey Renee Sanders has more than 20 years experience in fine and decorative arts, and is widely recognized for her faux finish techniques and stunning line of contemporary art. 

In 1997, Tobey launched FauxDécor – a super talented decorative painting company – providing both residential and commercial clients with uniquely designed and custom faux finishes. 

Since conception, her client list has included design firms and developers in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC, as well as a number celebrities, entertainers and athletes across the nation. She has also been featured on the TBS show “Movie and a Makeover” and in Black Enterprise Magazine. 

She has also been featured on HGTV’s Smart Home, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Vh1’s Love & Hip. TBS “Movie and a Makeover” and a Black Enterprise Magazine. 

Here Are Some Of The Celebrity Clients I've Worked With

I'm Going To Teach You How To Build Your Own List Of Celebrity Clients

K. Michelle

T.I. and Tiny

Love and HipHop Kirk and Rasheeda Frost

HGTV Smart Home Tiffany Brooke

BasketBall Wives Malaysia Pargo

Keri Hilson

I've Also Been Featured On


This Is Everything You Need To Know To Start & Build Your Business

Celebrity Clientele

Discover My Secret Technique On How To Get Celebrity Client's And Get Them To Refer You To Their Celebrity Friends

Make Money Without 
Physically Doing Any Work

Wouldn't It Be Great To Be Able To Make Money Without Having To Work? I'm Going To Show You How To Make Money Without Even Having To Paint A Wall

Custom Designed
Sample Portfolio

All You Need To Start Getting Customers Is A Sample Portfolio With The Designs That People Want. You Will Leave With A Complete Sample Portfolio Which Will Have 10 Techniques That Will Showcase Your Work

5 Step Art of Business Framework

Even If You Have No Business Experience, No Problem. You Will Get My 5 Step Art Of Business Framework For Running A 6 Figure Business 
As A Decorative Artist.

Automatic enrollment into my professional online course, The Decorative Painting Academy

Let me help you step by step to success with weekly coaching calls, workshops, hands-on work experience and personal mentorship. I'm here for you. 

Secret Sauce Source Vendors List 

Not Sure Where To Get The Correct Supplies From? I Am Going To Give You My Preferred Vendor List To Get The Best Quality Supplies & The Best Prices.  

The Ultimate Business Kit

Do You Want To Make Sure You Have Everything To Run Your Business The Right Way? All Attendees Will Receive All My  Business Templates Such As Contracts, Estimates And A Project Checklist

Art Goodies Bag

It's Kind Of Like Christmas In July. I'm Going To Give You A Swag Bag Full Of Goodies. You’ll Receive A Tote Bag Full Of Decorative Artist Swag To Get You Started!!

Creators Clique - Access to My Network of Decorative Artist:

I'm Going To Share My Private Network of Decorative Artist That Took Me Over 20 Years To Build. 

Here Are All The Techniques That You Will Learn In 3 Days

These Are My Top 10 Requested Techniques That Allow Me To Make 100's Of Thousands Every Year
And I'm Going To Show You How To Create All Of These Just Like A Pro

Black Diamond Glass

The Diamond Glass finish is a top selling technique in my portfolio!!! Diamond Glass is a high-end technique made of tiny clear crushed glass pieces, mixed with shining crystals, that is applied to a surface with a heavy bodied adhesive. Over the past several years, I have worked diligently with this product and created a step-by-step process, which has allowed me to successfully increase my bottom line and grow my customer base. The addition of Diamond Glass to your list of services, will upgrade your portfolio and increase revenue.

Brushed Metal

My Brushed Metal Wall technique is another fabulous addition in my "Flawless Metallic Walls" series. I developed this technique to compliment the modern look and feel of contemporary furniture and design. This clean modern look goes perfectly in loft spaces or music studios. 

Champagne Croc

Imagine the authentic texture of Crocodile skin, with its rough beauty on the fronts of your cabinets, furniture, art, or covering the walls in your home. I have even installed my Metallic Croc technique, organically to ceilings. This beautiful texture will always be a show stopper in your portfolio.

Champagne Luster Stone

LusterStone is a low luster plaster. It’s a staple in my design portfolio. Easily applied by trowel, and is unsurpassed in its dimensional, beautiful decorative results. The very act of application does the decorative work for you, forming soft metallic plaster high and low effects and reflective patterns. This plaster creates a high end look and feel in any room. 

Champagne Glam Rock

GlamRock is a beautiful technique that can be installed almost everywhere. "GlamRock isn't paint or plaster, its actual thinly shaved pieces of rock." GlamRock is so stunning, your designers will be sure to select it for their projects, and your clients will be sure to love it in their homes. It's the perfect touch of opulence in any space!!

Crystal Glass Bead

Glass Bead is a decorative, water based, acrylic gel medium that dries clear and contains a high concentration of small, clear glass beads. The clarity allows any color underneath to show through, while the glass beads reflect light in a sparkling cascade. This technique is beautiful in almost any area. 


Crackle is the perfect technique for furniture and kitchen cabinets. This clear, water base medium offers a consistent crack that works every time. Crackle reveals glimpses of the base color, creating an antique look. Perfect for enhancing furniture, woodwork, trim, lamps and decorative accessories.

Elephant Hyde

Elephant Hyde is a beautiful technique full of texture and detail. It’s one of my original portfolio favorites, that has stood the test of time.

Metallic Woolie

I will show you all my favorite products and tools that I use to create the perfect solid Metallic Wall. Solid Metallic walls are the perfect compliment to Diamond Glass walls and GlamRock walls. It’s also a great way to upsell your client!! 

Silver Glitter Gloss

Create the perfect Glitter Wall!! Glitter Gloss is a trowelable product that can be used to create any color Glitter Wall. It’s very durable, shed resistant, and will not leave tons of glitter on the floor during Installation.  Perfect for furniture and accessories.  Glitter Gloss will also give your canvas art the perfect touch of bling.

Here Are The Types Of Jobs You Will Be Able To Do

I'm Going To Show You How To Make More Money In Less Than 2 Weeks Than Most People Make All Year

Baldwin Hills Contemporary

Los Angeles, California 

This west coast luxury home was designed using a polished custom tinted concrete plaster. Polished concrete plaster is super popular in LA. I installed this technique in the 3 story grand foyer, throughout the main level of home.

Total Project Cost $27,000 Timeframe 4 days 

Serenbe Lake Manor

 Atlanta, Georgia

This luxury estate tucked away in south, ga was designed using several of my high end techniques to adorn special areas of this home. I laced Restoration Hardware Birdcages with Gold Leaf and installed a distressed Italian Plaster throughout the Grand Foyer and Formal Living Room

Total Project Cost $33,000 Timeframe 4 days 

HGTV Smart Home Palmetto Bluff

Beaufort, SC

This luxurious cottage style residence was designed using a custom white washed and gray woodgrain throughout the entry way, family room and kitchen. This technique throughout the home added so much character to the walls.  

Total Project Cost $6500 Timeframe 3 days 

Here Is Everything We Will Cover In Your 3 Days With Me


Day 1 Is All About Design And Technique

Learn The High End Decorative Paint Finishes 
That Make The Big Money

Day 1 - At The Artist Studio

Let's get into the day to day of the Bootcamp! You'll create my most popular contemporary metallic finishes for your design portfolio. These finishes are staples in my portfolio and have proven the test of time. 

Next you will take what I like to call Troweling 101. All decorative artist should be well versed in troweling. You will be learning how to apply plaster to walls and ceilings using Venetian trowels. But don't worry, you'll also get to the money. 

I'm gonna teach you all about the first 2 steps in my 5 step Art of Business Framework to making money as a decorative artist. Step 1 is The Look - Step 2 is The Lure

But that's all I'm gonna say about Day 1



Learn Everything That You Need To Know To Start, Build, & 
Grow Your Decorative Painting Business

Back To Business

We're gonna head back into the Artist Studio. I will teach you my 2 biggest money makers, my Glamrock finish and my Diamond glass finish. 

You can make 6 figures just off these 2 techniques alone. 
And Of course we'll end the day with business. You'll Learn 
steps 3-5 in my 5 step Art of Business Framework to making money as a decorative artist. 

The Hook, The Reel, & The Serve. And You guys aren't gonna believe my strategy for staying booked and busy without even painting a wall!!


  In Atlanta, Georgia  
 This Event Will Sell Out Fast


Are You Ready To Have Fun On Field Trip Day

We Saved The Best For Last

So on day 3 we will start at the Artist Studio for you to learn the Croc and other high end finishes. 

Then we will move into the best part of the day. Our Field Trip!!! This is when we"ll be visiting a few of my celebrity project sites!!



  • Secret Sauce Source Product & Vendor List:  I am giving you my entire product and vendor information for ordering material, products and supplies. Now you will have the direct connect to my Glitzy Diamond Glass and GlamRock products. You no longer have to guess where to find the products that I use. This is invaluable because you now will have the ordering information to place orders directly with my vendors and manufacturers. It’s important that you always know where to source products and materials. Now you’ll be the plug!! VALUE: $1487
  • Creators Clique - Access to my Network of Decorative Artist:  As a Decorative Artist, networking with other professionals is very important. Get to know other people in the industry and become familiar with the decorative arts community. Building professional relationships allows you to hire other artist when staffing big projects. Also opens up opportunities in other cities for work. VALUE: $1995
  • Digital Artist Studio - Online Instructional Videos For Advanced Techniques Learned In Bootcamp: You will receive a personal login to your online portal. Here you will have access to course videos for each sample that you learn in the workshop. This is a valuable tool, for practicing techniques learned in the boot camp. I’ll be right there with you to guide you thru each video. These courses will be available to you 24/7!! You’ll have access to practice your techniques all day and all night.  VALUE: $3500
  • Decorative Painting 101 - Online Beginners Course For Decorative Painters: In addition to the Digital Artist Studio, this online course gives you all the knowledge you need as a new decorative artist. Plus several timeless techniques for your design portfolio. My Beginners course is packed with insight, tips and knowledge for the decorative painter that’s just starting out. Your definitely gonna want this in your arsenal to refer to at any given time. VALUE: $997
  • ​Business Briefcase - All Of My Templates: (Contracts, Estimates, & All Of The Documents & Tools I Use To Make Money) You will receive templates and examples of my contracts, estimates and invoices. This is a valuable bonus because you can literally use the exact contract I use for my projects and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This is sooooo valuable because it takes the guess work out of creating your contracts and estimates.  VALUE: $997
  • Get Legit - Corporation Paperwork Setup: We have experts that will help you set up your corporation paperwork. In order to do business you have to be about your business. This can be intimidating for a new business owner. VALUE: $1000
  • ​Social Media Essentials for Decorative Artist -  Support Tools for elevating the marketing and promotion of your business. These marketing tools will teach you about social media, branding, and how to market your business. Value: $600
  • Paint and Brush Swag Bag: Swag Bag Full Of Goodies: You’ll receive a tote full of decorative artist swag to get you started!!  This swag bag is a must. It’s gonna be filled with brushes, tools and supplies that you’ll need to get started as a decorative artist!! Value: $300


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You Got Questions? I Have All Your Answers.

Below are answers to my most frequently asked questions

I Don’t Have An Arts Background 
If you don’t have a back ground in art, don’t worry, I didn’t either. I traded my desktop in for a paint brush and trowel. I will teach you everything you need to know about being a decorative artist and maintaining a lucrative decorative painting business. No Art Background Required!! 
I Don’t Have Help Or A Crew
As a Decorative Artist, you will have the freedom to make your own schedule and accept the jobs that you want to take. If you train with me, you will have access to a network of experienced decorative painters from all over the country. You will be able to accept projects & make money starting on day 1 of your business. 
I Don’t Have Time
You always have time for money when you are in control of your time!! I will show you how to make money with your current schedule and how to stay booked and busy. There is always time to make money, when you make your own schedule.
This Looks Complicated 
If it looks complicated, then good. What luxury service doesn’t. Great news. In my 3 day boot camp, i will break everything down for you. Each step of each technique will be revealed. Even my business framework to making money will be explained in detail. 
I Don’t Have Experience 
After 3 days with me, you will be ready to start your business. You do not need prior experience as a Decorative Painter. I will teach you everything you need to know. You will gain the experience and confidence to succeed as a Decorative Artist after training with me. Guaranteed...
I’ve Never Painted Before 
If you’ve never paint before, don’t worry, my boot camp will give you the hands on experience you need to succeed. I will hold your hand personally to make sure you learn the techniques. I will also arm you with the online courses necessary so you can continue to practice & get better when you get home. I’ll be right there with you.  
I Don’t Know How To Convince People To Spend Money
Getting people to spend their money is not hard at all because you will be giving them tremendous value. 
I will teach you how to connect with your clients and get them to not only spend extra money on additional services, but i'm going to show you how to up-sell them to more expensive techniques. It’s easier than you think. Remember, people love custom finishes and they understand that custom quality work cost big money. 
I Don't Have Any Clients 
After 3 days with me, you will!! I will show you how to get clients and how to get your new clients to refer you. You don’t need a long list of clients to get started. Your Design Portfolio, that you will create, will speak for itself. 

Once The Tickets Are Gone, They Are Gone. Get Your's Now..

If You Are Still On The Fence

I Have A 300% Risk Free Guarantee

If By Lunchtime on the Second Day Of The Bootcamp You Haven't Gotten 
More Than 3x Your Moneys Worth, I Will Give You A Full 100% Refund. No Questions Asked. 

These Tickets Will Sell Out. Secure Your Ticket Now

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